Caecilian Enterprises Pty Limited was founded in 1997 when the then businesses of Arial Secretarial and Computing Services and The Musical Desktop were operating under sole trader status in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. After a number of years, the company has now restructured and is operating as four trading divisions, still in the Sydney area of New South Wales, Australia.

Caecilian Enterprises Pty Limited is looking for increased major opportunities and inquiries from anywhere in the world are welcome. The map below is shown to emphasise our commitment to customers wherever they are.

Links to our four trading divisions and also background information on the name of the Company are on our home page. Caecilian Music Services is continuing the music typesetting and arranging services that The Music Desktop used to provide in the past. (The official change of name was in May 2007.) In addition to the music typesetting and arranging business, the new service of conversion of LPs and cassettes to CD is now being offered, so that clients can continue to enjoy with new technology what they have previously enjoyed with old technology. More details are available by clicking on the Music Services link. Caecilian Design Services is continuing some of the services that Arial Secretarial and Computing Services used to supply until 2005 when that division ceased trading under that structure. It is believed that the products that Caecilian Design Services is now producing more relevant products and services for our changing times. Caecilian Bookkeeping Services and Caecilian Web Services (handling the development and maintenance of this website) are two product areas, not part of the old structure, however are well equipped to serve your requirements at an expected high standard. More details are available on those links.

Caecilian can conduct business World Wide

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